Audio Described films on DVD, VHS and Blu-ray

Following is a list of films that have had an Audio Description version made. However, please make very certain that the item you buy is a version containing the Audio Description track. This can be rather difficult, as there is no standard way in which it is stated, but at least you will know which films to have a look at. Look out for Audio Description listed as a feature, or a sound track being labelled "Descriptive English" or the IADA logo. DVDs and Blu-ray discs are available through mainstream retail stores. VHS films are available from RNIB.

If you come across any other DVD or Blu-ray with audio description that is not on this list, or you can confirm any on this list with a Catalogue Number, please contact us.

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Recent additions

The following list shows only the 20 most recent items released. Click an item for more detail.