Audio Description on Virgin Media


What's On?

There is a schedule of audio described programmes on Virgin Media on this site.

Which channels?

Virgin Media is providing the audio description service on the following channels:

All areas

Langley and Bromley only

Knowsley only

How do I know if a programme has the audio description feature?

Once a programme is highlighted, press the i (on some remotes) or Browse (on others) remote control key, to display the More information popup.
At the end of the programme description you will see [S] for Subtitles, [SL] for Sign Language and or [AD] if the programme has audio description available.

How do I enable AD? Quick guide

To get audio description on Virgin TV, just follow these steps:

AD does not appear to work

If AD does not appear to work on the standard 101, 102, 103, 104 or 105 channels try selecting each of the terrestrial channels as follows: For other channels, are you sure you are in an area covered by the channel you are hoping to find audio description on? Check the list of channels.

How do I enable AD? Detailed guide


For more information about this, please contact Virgin Media on 0845 840 7777

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Last updated 11 May 2007.